About Be Natural

We welcome the challenge to step up to the plate and dedicate the state-of-the-art manufacturing and production resources to fulfill the  needs of your company.


Be Natural provides everything you need no matter what stage you are in the development of your brand. Our services include: Product selection/formulation (we have 120+ existing products to choose from), complete Brand development from identity design, packaging design, website, brand story, go to market planning and more. Our 60,000 square foot facility is ready to Manufacture your product in a fast, efficient manner. In-house Quality Control as well as third party testing is at your fingertips. Once produced our complete Fulfillment services are ready to ship to your customers.


Already have an established brand and want to add to it? GREAT! We can help select the right product for you from our existing products, or we can customize a formulation that is exactly what you want. We will create a custom solution that fits your needs.


Have an idea but dont know where to start? GREAT! We love building brands, we will work with you to find the perfect product selection and build your unique brand story.

Get Started

Be Natural is more than just a company that sells pure CBD oral strips, we’re a labor of love for our two co-founders, who believe strongly that high quality organic CBD oil can improve people’s overall quality of life every single day.

Dream Becomes Reality

Though one of our founders was raised in the United States and the other in Australia, Billy and Ethan eventually met in Los Angeles, where they realized they not only share a passion in further understanding the ways pure CBD oil can help people, but also in conducting the research to actually make their mutual dream possible.

What Makes Us Different

By contrast, most companies that produce CBD products use CBD isolates, which normally have 0.3% THC or more in them. They may also use a lower quality hemp oil, with a purity range of around 40-70%. Our CBD oil tests at a minimum of 80% purity, making our products the most potent on the market.

Our Primary Goal

Our goal is to create the purest product for our customers so they can reap the benefits of this amazing oil. Be Natural CBD oil strips dissolve instantly in the cheek through the buccal gland. This gland has one of the most effective absorption rates for our CBD oil, which means you’ll get the full effects of our product without losing any of the potency.